10 Daily Habits For Your Most Successful Year!

April 2, 2019  

Running a business is often about momentum and small, incremental growth.  Much of that momentum and growth is created in your daily habits.  You have likely seen my daily routine.  But, not everyone can implement that routine.  So, here are 10 habits you can try to put into your day to be more focused, more productive, and more successful!

Don’t check email until after noon!

Wait to check your email, respond to other people’s needs, and let things derail your day until after you have had a chance to do the most important aspects of your day.

Identify your TOP THREE things that need to be done that day to achieve your goals.

Are you launching a new program?  What are the three biggest things that will move that project forward?  Be focused.  Be concise.  Be relentless!

Spend time in GRATITUDE and meditation for the things you’re thankful for.

A mind can’t be fearful and grateful at the same time.  Start each day with gratitude.  It doesn’t leave any room for negativity.


Get things out of your mind onto paper – your goals, your desires, things you want to manifest into your life!  When you start a day with gratitude, meditation, and manifestation – you raise your vibrations – naturally bringing more GOOD to you!

Get a 30 + minute workout

As entrepreneurs, our fitness is often the first thing that we let slide!  Studies show that people that take care of their own health are more successful in their businesses AND relationships!

Complete your #1 thing to achieve your goals

Then move on to items 2 and 3.  When you get overwhelmed by too many tasks, you can’t decide which to do first, and often lose time to analysis paralysis.

Batch activities into certain days

We lose time and focus jumping from task to task. Set aside a certain day for sales calls, another day for content creation, another day for customer service.  By focusing on one thing a day, you can do it well – and be more efficient!

Turn off phone, email and app notifications for a few hours at a time each day to limit distractions.

We’re so busy responding to other people’s immediate needs, that we frequently get off track and…. don’t get our own tasks completed.  By turning off all apps, all email, all notifications, you control your day versus it controlling you!

Spend a half hour doing something that INSPIRES you!

So often, we get busy doing “all the things”.  We don’t get to refresh and recharge.  The days that I am most inspired and effective are the days that I leave my desk about 1 pm and go to the gym or go for a walk.  It helps break up my day.  It helps clear my head.  And it makes me HAPPY!  When I get busy, this is the first thing that falls by the wayside in my business day. My body shows it.  And the quality of my work shows it! I don’t mind sitting at my computer at 7 pm at night if I got to stop mid day and go for a walk, or I got to make dinner with my husband at 4.  I became an entrepreneur for the freedom.  I frequently have to remind myself of this!!!

Plan tomorrow – today!

When you’re already in work mode, is a great time to plan tomorrow.  I often will sit down at the end of my day and ensure all my appointments are confirmed.  Then I make a list of all the things that need to get done.  Then the next morning, I pick those top three things – and number them in order of most importance.  If I’m truly on my game, I don’t even look at my email or any of the other tasks until those top three things are done!
Small, repetitive actions create a business of continual, measured growth.  But also, it creates a life with less stress!

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