10 Ways To Market Your Business Without Spending A Lot of Money

April 1, 2019  

I speak to SO many women who tell me that they don’t have a lot of money to grow their business.  Sometimes they say they don’t have any at all!
I completely get it!  When I first launched my two brick and mortar businesses, I had JUST got the first one up and profitable, but immediately started building out my second.  For two years, I was constantly reinvesting in growth, coaches, a new location, creating new programs and services.  There’s only so much money.  So after the first two years, I realized I really wanted to be enjoying more of the fruits of my labor!  So, I started looking for great, INEXPENSIVE ways to grow my business!  Here are some of my favorites

Email and nurture your list

Your list are people who have already showed interest in you, your business, or your services.  Communicate with them so when they are ready to buy that they buy with you.

Create Youtube videos

Youtube is the #2 search engine behind Google.  (Youtube is also owned by Google.)  Video is such a great way to build trust and show expertise.  Record short how to videos or educational videos and post them on Youtube.  Embed them on your website!  It increases your SEO (See below)!

Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – they are all great ways to share valuable content and point back to your website.

Pick up the phone!!!

I’m often amazed by how few people actually ever pick up the phone and have conversations with prospects, influencers, or referrers.  There is no faster way to build trust than to have one on one real conversations with people!

Offer Freebies

Whether it’s on pinterest, on your website, on a podcast interview – create and offer free resources that will help someone get results and again show your expertise!  It helps you build trust and helps you build your email list – without spending a dime!


So many businesses have just stopped paying attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  I have sold HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of services to people who found me on Google because of my Youtube videos that were embedded on my blog and website.  I would dominate the first page of Google based on my blog posts and youtube videos!

Go to Networking Events

One of my mentors, Todd Herman, often says, “Business moves at the speed of relationships.”  This means that if you have good, deep relationships, your business will often be more successful more quickly.  If you need immediate growth, get out and start meeting people face to face, toe to toe and see what happens!

Get Publicity

As human beings, we are often looking for “social proof” – proof that others have validated us or our work.  Getting media exposure, media mentions, etc – will give you that credibility!  You don’t have to have a PR firm on retainer.  Find appropriate opportunities through HARO.  Reach out to your local media on your own behalf.  Get our Free Publicity Checklist.

Speak at Events

Speaking at an event is absolutely one of the very best ways to establish instant credibility!  You are on a stage talking to people about your area of expertise.  I was a speaker for a huge fitness conference about a year ago.  It was a great opportunity to build relationships, build a name for myself, get some private clients, and sell a few of my courses!

Host Free Trainings

Much like speaking, hosting a free webinar, a free facebook live training, a free online pre-recorded training offers you the opportunity to share your expertise, show someone they WHY in the training, and show them the HOW in your paid programs and services!
If you don’t have a lot of money for marketing and business growth – THAT’S OK!  You’ll need to be a bit more creative and consistent with  your marketing efforts, but you can still grow a super successful, multi six figure business – without spending a lot of money on marketing!

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