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Why Women Success Society? Why Now?

A few years ago, I attended Traffic and Conversion - one of the absolute top digital marketing conferences in the world - put on by Digital Marketer.  The conference was amazing - one of the best I’ve ever been to for top content.  

But there was a watershed moment while I was there.  I could walk right into the women’s room and pick any stall I wanted, but there was a line around the corner for the men’s room.  Why?  Because the conference was about 98% male attendees.  

The women attendees were Marie Forleo, Lisa Sasevich, JJ Virgin, and about 20 other really cool women!  But they were the minority - BY FAR!!  

Why?  I can’t say with 100% certainty.  I will say that most of the speakers were men.  I will say it was a tremendously tech heavy conference - and stereotypically women aren’t as interested in the tech.  But the thing that really stood out to me is that tech is one of the keys to our marketing future, and if this was any indication - women were going to be left behind.

I knew then, at that conference, that creating an educational organization for women was my purpose in this world.  

Maybe you're like my other clients who want to grow your business.  In order to provide you with the absolute best resources, it helps when you identify where you currently are in your business.

Which best describes you?


With our core programs such as:

  • Business Success Simplified 
  • Elevate Business Growth Summit
  • Elevate Mastermind & Accelerator

We have programs designed help women launch and grow their business across all stages!

I'm Amy Mewborn, the Founder and CEO of Women Success Society.  This is MY MISSION IN LIFE - Helping women build the life and business of their dreams!

I spent over fifteen years advising some of the coolest business owners in the world – owners of Ford, Chuck E Cheese, Vinturi Wine Aerator, and multiple tech companies to help manage, grow, and distribute their wealth.

After fifteen years in corporate America in my “dream job”, I was dying a little bit every day going to work and building someone else’s business, someone else’s wealth, and someone else’s dream.  In 2010, I left corporate, and built THREE multiple six figure businesses - with almost a million dollars in gross revenue!

Although building a million dollar business is AWESOME on the ego - I was WORKING MYSELF TO EXHAUSTION to pay for everyone and everything else!


On the outside, it looked like I had the world at my fingertips.  

On the inside, I was under a tremendous amount of stress.  Despite owning fitness businesses, I was gaining weight again, I was exhausted, and I frequently called my parents crying, wondering WHY?

Ultimately, I’m an “achiever” by nature - and I was using my income as my scorecard - whether I really got to keep it or not!  After a near breakdown, I decided it just wasn’t worth it any more - and it certainly wasn’t the life I wanted to live!

So I did something radical - I sold the “golden goose” - the business really generating the big income (but also the business that was generating 98% of the expenses) and I focused on my six figure consulting business - that had minimal expenses, minimal staff, but had AWESOME technology and systems - because I had built it that way.

From that moment on, I have focused on helping women build SIX and SEVEN figure businesses with less staff, less stress, more systems, and more income!

Today, I work 4 days a week and I truly love my business again!  If you are TIRED of working 7 days a week, spinning your wheels, and are ready to accelerate business growth with better systems, increased productivity, more free time and more fun - you’re in the right place! 

Amy Mewborn
Founder and CEO of Women Success Society

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