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How to Prep for Tax Time

I HATE this time of year! Before launching my own business in 2010, I spent fifteen years as a financial advisor. It was a great experience – but the time between December and April 15th was always so stressful! In December, everyone was reviewing last-minute P&L Statements and either shifting income or expenses into this […]

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The Image shows how it can be stressful being an Entrepreneur. Here are The Three Major Stresses of Being an Entrepreneur That No One Has Told You About…

The Three Major Stresses of Being an Entrepreneur That No One Has Told You About…

So many of my posts and videos are meant to be inspirational and hopefully help you see that you really can leave a lousy corporate job for more freedom and more fun as an entrepreneur. And although I have more freedom than I ever did in corporate America, there were some unexpected surprises I found […]

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Five Reasons Your Financial Health is Destroying your Physical Health and How to Stop It!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re worrying about your finances, you aren’t sleeping well, you’re often eating poorly, and your stress level is through the roof? It’s not healthy, you’re not happy – and it feels like your life is out of your control. One of the things that I experience with our clients […]

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Setting Your Refund Policy

Refunds – it’s often one of the most difficult issues to navigate in your business.  Should you offer refunds?  Should you have a no-refund policy? What if someone comes and steals all your stuff and then asks for a refund?  It’s sad, but true.  It happens! I’ve seen many refund policies, and there are pros […]

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