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Four of the Absolute Best Ways To Grow Your Email List – and add hundreds of subscribers each day.

You’ve likely heard it before – your email list is one of the biggest assets of your business. I remember when I first started in digital marketing in 2010. Facebook was exploding. Facebook showed posts chronologically. And when you posted on your facebook profile or your business page, your followers actually saw your posts. So, […]

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Why Use Quizzes To Grow Your Business?

I have tried a number of different assessment software systems – including Thrive Quizzes, EmailMeForm, and most recently Bucket,io.  I am in the process of switching all of my quizzes, assessments, and segmentation funnels all over to Interact Quiz Builder.  In addition to being SUPER AFFORDABLE (especially in comparison to the $100 – $200/mo for Bucket), it is absolutely the EASIEST, most comprehensive, and PRETTIEST quiz assessment solutions I have found for my business!

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Top Concepts For Women Entrepreneurs - from Amy Mewborn - Founder of Women Success Society

10 Ways To Market Your Business Without Spending A Lot of Money

I speak to SO many women who tell me that they don’t have a lot of money to grow their business.  Sometimes they say they don’t have any at all! I completely get it!  When I first launched my two brick and mortar businesses, I had JUST got the first one up and profitable, but immediately started building out my second.  For two years, I was constantly reinvesting in growth, coaches, a new location, creating new programs and services.  There’s only so much money.  So after the first two years, I realized I really wanted to be enjoying more of the fruits of my labor!  So, I started looking for great, INEXPENSIVE ways to grow my business!  Here are some of my favorites

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Top 5 Reasons You May Need a Mastermind For Increased Success

“You’re the equivalent of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn.Is a mastermind right for you? Chances are, your mom wasn’t referring to this quote when she told you as a teenager that if you were hanging out with the “wrong crowd” that you were going to get in trouble. But it’s […]

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