Elevate Mastermind & Accelerator

A high touch, intimate 12-month Coaching & Mastermind program designed specifically for women to work less, and create an extra $5k-$10k/mo with leveraged sales strategies and without complicated funnels!

Are you:

  • A wellness provider working way more than you expected
  • Overwhelmed by the tech of running a business
  • On the content hamster wheel with no results
  • Maybe even thinking of giving up?
  • Could you use an extra $5k - $10k/mo in income without working harder?

I genuinely believe that a mastermind is your shortcut to success!

This Mastermind is for you if you’re a health, wellness or fitness business owner scaling to a multiple six and seven figure business,  while creating a life you truly LOVE!

Learn how to leverage the experiences of other women who have experienced similar challenges. The Mastermind will provide the clarity, support, community, and accountability to truly take your business from surviving to thriving.

Why does it exist?

Over the past 13 years of helping entrepreneurs create businesses, launch businesses, get booked on stages, and build marketing systems, we recognized that most courses are teaching you to do things THEIR way versus helping you develop YOUR way!

My first business coach told me the only way to build my business to where I wanted it to go was to speak on stages, which I did NOT want to do at the time.

We work with you to build YOUR offers, YOUR marketing plan, and YOUR systems, while increasing sales and making a bigger impact.

Just a Few Sample Courses and Trainings

  • Business Foundations
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Systems
  • Hiring and training your team
  • Content planning and creation
  • Time Management
  • Speaking on Stages and Podcasts
  • Course Creation
  • Launching New Offers
  • Leveraging Your Offers - Webinars, Live Video, etc


”If you are considering opening up your own business, I HIGHLY recommend Amy. I was trying to decide between her online resources and her full consulting, with added one -on -one time with Amy. After receiving a glowing testimonial from another client, my decision was simple - I went all in. It was one of the easiest (and best) decisions I have made. Amy is honest, professional, personable, kind, and fun. My investment in Amy has been worth every penny.”


What got you to this level isn't the same skill or team that will take you to the NEXT level!

  • Daily support and connection via a private community platform and chat
  • Private coaching
  • Weekly Voxer check ins
  • Mastermind calls to build community, relationships, and support!
Calls and Trainings
  • 1 Private Money Blueprint Call
  • 1 Half Day Money Map and Strategic Planning Call
  • 2 Live Small Group Mastermind Calls per month
  • 1 Weekly Voxer to report progress and get private support
  • 1 Private 1 Hour Coaching Session per month
Live Events

2 Live In-person Mastermind Events in Las Vegas, NV 

what you'll get

Bonus Access to All of Our Courses

Elevate Mastermind and Accelerator will provide CLARITY and COMMUNITY in your business! It will support you on your worst days AND your best - Helping you build your business BEYOND WHAT YOU COULD DO ON YOUR OWN!!!!!

Basics of Starting a New Business

Becoming an Entrepreneur - Do You Have What it Takes 

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Creating Your First Business Plan

Getting Your Finances in Order

Meeting Your Legal Obligations

Finding Balance In Your Work and Business

Time Management For Busy Professionals

Create It - Creating a Course or Program

Launch It - Launching a Course or Program

Branding and Messaging Your Business

Email Marketing

Building a Sales Funnel

Using Rewards, Referrals, & Testimonials to Get More Clients

Creating a Client Journey For Sales

Email Funnels to Nurture Long Term

Facebook Ads - Pixels

Facebook Ads - Audiences

Facebook Ads - Generating Leads

Repurposing Content From One Piece to over 27 pieces of content

Hiring and Onboarding a VA

Creating a Quarterly Review Process In Your Business For Maximum Success

Using AI To Create Content In Your Business

Creating your Annual Strategic Plan

What is this going to do for me? 

Elevate Mastermind and Accelerator will give you..

  • A specific marketing plan customized for your business so that you can show up consistently, attracting qualified leads. 
  • A system for tracking effort and results so that you know exactly what to tweak in order to reach and surpass your goals. 
  • Trainings that covers everything from business, branding, and social media foundations to scaling, systems, and sales
  • Accountability and private coaching to ensure you’re building your business and your income - YOUR WAY


”I came across Amy online, and was intrigued. She seemed to have everything spelled out for someone like me, who didn’t think I had enough business and marketing knowledge to start a business from scratch. I decided to hire Amy because I could tell she was trustworthy, dependable and really was interested in what MY vision for my business. If you have a dream of owning your own business, Amy’s so worth it!”


If you feel like you tried everything - Elevate's private coaching, small group strategy and accountability, & SMALL LIVE EVENTS will help you get OFF the hamster wheel of stress!  

Get clarity, take action, & get results!  

Here's your timeline:

Money Blueprint

(Book this as soon as you pay)

1:1 Call with Me to Design Review Your Offers

Strategic Planning Day (Done By Week 2)

After your Money Blueprint, we’ll book your 3 Hour Strategic Planning Day - complete with a half day to review your 5 M’s of Momentum!  This signature framework will provide you clarity on the IMMEDIATE FASTEST PATH TO CASH!

  • Step 1 - Your Mission
  • Step 2 - Your Message
  • Step 3 - Your Money
  • Step 4 - Your Marketing 
  • Step 5 - Your Mindset

These will Include:

  • Your Strengths, Opportunities and Strategic Advantages
  • Your Signature Offers, Frameworks, Methods, and Events
  • Your Ideal Client
  • Your Strategic Partners
  • Your Current Team/Systems/Operations


If you are ready to finally connect with other women just like you…

Founder pricing of $10,000 Single Pay for first 10 members. Price increasing after the first 10 are accepted and paid.

*Payment Option Available

Fast Acting Bonuses

To break through your blocks and finally build a business that supports your life - not a life that supports your business!

  • One Done With You Facebook Audience
  • One Done With You Facebook Lead Ad - with your creative and copy.
  • 12 Blog Post/Long Form Video Titles/Ideas
  • 12 Blog Post Drafts - with the ability to repurpose those as 12 long form videos and short form videos


”As business owners the anthem we're hearing is getting increasingly louder... "Digital marketing! Online products! Funnels, product launches." But for so many of us, the response is - "But WHERE do I start?" Amy dissects the the landscape of digital marketing masterfully, making it understandable and most of all - actionable! She is my absolute one stop, go-to "Yoda" of online products, online marketing and more!”


How to get started?

Are you ready to work less, have more control over your schedule, and have more time with your family and friends?


Amy Mewborn is CEO and Founder of Women Success Society, as well as best selling author of the book "The Great Escape; The Successful Woman's Guide To Escaping The 9-5.".  She teaches women how to leave corporate America for a life of entrepreneurship; and specializes in how to use courses, technology, and systems to leverage their business growth and maximize profits through automation.  

She left a six figure, fifteen year finance career to launch her first business in 2010. Within a few years, she was grossing over $500,000 in revenue and consulting with women all over the world about launching their own businesses. 

She has been a sought after speaker and has been featured on CBS, KUSI, Fox, CW, Ivillage, Inspired Coach, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire, Join Up Dots, the TEDx stage and more!  



”Digital marketing is no longer a choice if you want to run a business today, but it can seem so daunting like trying to figure out advanced calculus. Amy not only teaches you step by step, she holds your hand and helps you to truly understand the “why” behind the marketing. Her systems create easy replicable roadmaps that can be implemented and carried over to your entire business. I no longer struggle with digital marketing and services. Now my problem is to stop producing them!”



”Working with Amy as my business coach and being part of The Success Society that she leads has accelerated my business growth. Amy genuinely cares about you as a person and the empowerment of women in business, and guides you to build both a life and business that you love, rather than trying to put you in the box of all the things you “should” do. The value I receive in The Success Society pays for itself far beyond my investment.”


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