How I let my my technology take over my life and my health… and what I’m going to do about it.

February 17, 2020  

One of the things that I teach my clients is how to build a business that doesn’t consume them. But I have to be completely honest. Over the past two years, I have sometimes struggled to take my own advice. I built a short workout into my morning routine. I may have only been working for four days a week most weeks. But I wasn’t spending my “downtime” taking care of myself.

I left a fifteen-year finance career to start fitness studios. When you work out for a living and teach fitness classes, you can’t help but keep your weight in check. Then I sold fitness studios to focus only on my consulting business. Along the way, my husband and I sold our San Diego home and moved to Vegas. We started going out for dinner more – which led to some weight creep. I wasn’t working out as much anymore – and there are no barre studios within 10 minutes of my home – so that led to some weight creep. Then I wasn’t watching my nutrition, which led to some weight creep. Then even in my complete free time, we were watching Netflix or playing on our technology/social media – which led to some weight creep. And before you know it, I was up 20 – 25 pounds – without ever doing anything about it.

Thank God for screen time. My phone was showing that I was using it about 4 hours a day – which is just WAY too much – especially because I do a lot of my client meetings and work through zoom and on my desktop in my office.

As, I’m writing this as my husband, Mike, and I are heading to Hawaii. I have been listening to the book “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport. And it is very clear to me that I have allowed my technology to completely take over my life. I used to read a book a week. I’ve been trying to get through Todd Herman’s “Alter Ego Effect” for over three weeks because I keep checking my social media instead of focusing on the book.

So, I have made a decision. I am going to keep my rough four day work week, but I am going to add back in a couple of hours of work on Fridays where I can work on the SYSTEMS in my business versus just working in my business. And I am instituting new rules for my life. I am going to be breaking my addiction to my technology. I am not going to spend hours a day checking my phone, checking my social media, replying to texts within moments of getting them. My phone is going to start sitting in a different room than me.

On weekdays, in the evening prior to bedtime, I’m only going to put on my Netflix and Hulu if I’m working out on the treadmill or my rebounder. I’m going to clean out my facebook and Instagram feeds and unfollow pages. I’m going to eliminate myself from a bunch of groups – and only keep my own groups and the ones that I am inactive in coaching programs. I’m going to change my notifications and who can tag me on things.

We’re in Hawaii for the next 10 days, then off to LA for some conferences for Mike. I am going to use this opportunity to get out and walk the island. To go shopping. To go outside and do activities. Then when I get back to LA and back to work, I’m going to set up my schedule where I work some shorter days and get out and do some fun things in LA – The Getty, Rodeo Drive, the beach, favorite restaurants.

I have two big Whys for launching and running my business. #1 was to help women lead better, more fulfilling, more profitable lives through business ownership. #2 was to be able to see the world. So this seems like a great time to put away my tech and to get back to seeing the world – live and in-person versus through my cell phone.

So, if you notice it takes me a little longer to get back to you or I’m not as active or responsive on Social Media, this is whey. I’ll be checking in with you periodically to tell you how it’s going. As I make the transition, I’ll be clearing apps off my phone and reviewing all the tech I use in my business to see if there are any other ways I can simplify my business and my tech life!

You may also notice that I’ll be doing more live events – along with launching retreat style masterminds. If you’re ready to break through six figures, work less, and have more freedom, relationships, and fulfillment in YOUR life, join our waitlist. We’ll be interviewing everyone to see if they’re a great fit for the group.

And I’ll be seeing you around these interwebs – just not as much as we have recently! 😉

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