How To Build Your Online Presence

April 22, 2019  

Have you been struggling to build your online presence?  Do you even know you need to build an online presence?

Your online presence could be a website, a facebook page, an instagram account, a linked in page, a youtube account, or other pages or profiles.  But in 2019 and beyond, it is almost imperative that you have SOME online presence.

A recent study by CareerBuilder found that 35% of employers will eliminate a potential applicant if they can’t find any web presence.  You know that if a potential employer is looking you up, your potential clients absolutely are as well!

Here are a couple of simple tips for building your online presence in a professional way to support your business goals!

Use LinkedIn to Its Full Potential

LinkedIn is the most vital social media platform you should use in a business fashion.  It can be as simple as just taking the time to create a full and complete LinkedIn profile – complete with a professional description, employment title, past training and education, past occupations.  But in addition to just the professional items, you can also include things such as volunteer experience, skills, endorsements, recommendations, and other organizations and memberships!

In addition to your profile – you can also include links to opt ins, links to your website, videos, presentations, and articles – to truly showcase your strengths!

Consider Professional Ramifications When Posting on Social Networks

My Facebook and Instagram are personal accounts – but I absolutely consider how people will view those profiles when posting there!  On my Facebook page, I have my settings set up where if someone tags me in a photo, I am immediately notified and that it does NOT post to my wall without my approval.  We’ve all heard the stories of someone posting something private on their social media, someone getting access to it, taking a screen shot – and then sharing it all over the world.  I always use the rule, “If I wouldn’t want my Mom or my Grandma to see it, I probably shouldn’t post it!”  Even in the days of Snapchat and Instagram stories that “disappear” after 24 hours – people can STILL grab a screen shot.  It can STILL exist forever!   If you have a brand guide for your business – ensure that EVERYTHING you post is in alignment with that brand guide.


Update Your Social Media Regularly

Have you ever looked anyone’s business page up and found that it’s a “dead page” and hasn’t been updated in over a year?  What do you think a prospect thinks about your business when they look and see that you aren’t paying attention to it?  Even if you don’t have a ton of time, post a motivational quote, share a business tip, go live for a few moments – just something to show that you take your business seriously and that they should too!  If you’re REALLY short on time – share other people’s content and articles – and build up some goodwill in the business space for helping promote someone else!


Google Yourself

Have you ever “Googled” yourself to see what someone else would see if they were searching for information on you?  If you haven’t – I strongly encourage you to do so!  It’s important to see what someone else would see.  But also, you’ll see just how visible  you are and what you could be known for.  Because Youtube is owned by Google, I have found that a lot of my Youtube content is some of the first to be shown when you Google me.  But also, my LinkedIn profile, my Amazon Author Page and a TON of the publicity that I have gotten from various media sources!  So, it’s important to ensure that you’re maximizing all these different avenues!

Not only will “Googling” yourself uncover anything that you may not want customers or financial specialists to discover, it will also help you make sense of how to make yourself more visible.

Remember, you can’t control what someone thinks of you.  But you CAN control a lot of things that are on the internet about you!  Ensure that you’re being proactive to be professional and represent yourself in the best possible light! It MAY mean the difference between a client or company hiring you or NOT hiring you!

If you ARE looking to increase your visibility – and are considering publicity to do it – get access to our free Publicity Guide here!

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