How to deal with negative feedback in your business

January 22, 2020  

Have you ever had a hater on your facebook ads? Or had someone send you a nastygram about one of your newsletters? Have you had someone rip you apart on yelp? Have you put out a course that you were REALLY proud of – only to have someone tell you that they thought the content wasn’t enough and they wanted a refund?

After nine years owning businesses, I believe that if you haven’t had at least one hater in your business, you probably haven’t really put yourself out there!

As an entrepreneur, one of your most valuable assets is your confidence. And sometimes people’s criticism hurts!

This may be an unpopular opinion. But about a year into running my brick and mortar fitness studios, I learned that I couldn’t make everyone happy; and that if I tried, I’d only make the problem worse!

First, everyone sees the world through their life experiences and their filtered lenses.

Second, people often have unrealistic expectations

Third, sometimes people just genuinely enjoy fighting with people on the internet!

I know it’s hard to hear criticism. But when someone criticizes you ask yourself:

  • Is this something that they are suggesting that I could do better in the delivery of my products or services?
  • Is this meant to make me better?
  • Is this meant to tear me down and make me doubt myself?
  • Have I heard this same criticism more than once?

When anyone on my staff comes to me with a problem, I ask them to also come with a solution. This is a great way to handle criticism as well. If someone wants to criticize, determine if they had something constructive to say or if they offered a positive alternative. If it appears that they are just trying to make you doubt yourself, or they are just being nasty – try your best to just let it go. If they are offering suggestions or solutions, consider if that may be something that you can improve in your business!

I know that criticism is tough to take, but if you’re running a business, you’re GOING to be criticized! It just is part of the process. Just try to see what you can learn from it!

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