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 "A rising tide lifts all boats!” - John F. Kennedy

Women Success Society is meant to EDUCATE and EMPOWER women!  

To share IDEAS.
To provide COMMUNITY.
To provide STRATEGY.
To lift each other up.

We Train Women to be the CEO of their business and their life through:

  • Free Online Trainings
  • Educational Summits
  • Online Courses
  • Live Mastermind Events
  • Business Accelerator Events

I have spoken to so many women who tell me that they feel all alone, like they have to do it all themselves!  They have imposter syndrome, afraid that they don't feel worthy of helping others!  Then once we do finally feel worthy, we don't want to talk too much about ourselves because we may sound stuck up or snobby - and not "ladylike."

Why are the top business education organizations comprised of over 95% men?  Because women are just now fighting for the opportunities that men have had for years!  

Women are READY TO CHANGE THAT - and Women Success Society is here to help! 

Online Courses

Business Success Simplified is for the woman who wants to launch or grow an online, service, or coaching business.

It covers all the things that you would need to know and do to launch AND GROW your business:

  • Setting Up Your Personal and Business Finances
  • Branding your business
  • Identifying your location, lease negotiation, and build out.
  • Meeting the legal obligations of running a business
  • Hiring your team, virtual assistants, and outsourcing in a business
  • Business Management - Systems, automation, operations, and management of a business with multiple types of programs and services,  
  • Creating and launching online programs
  • Building your email list
  • Creating sales funnels and marketing automation.
  • Using webinars to sell
  • Marketing your business online

This is the starter and scale up program for a woman who wants to start or grow a service, online, or coaching business!  

Online or Live Events

Our Business Growth Summit will feature some of the most successful women in business teaching THEIR specialties that will help women business owners grow and scale their existing business.  

  • Learn branding from a business expert.  
  • Learn finance from a financial professional.
  • Learn business systems and automation from an operations expert! 
  • Learn Pinterest from a Pinterest expert.
  • Learn Sales from a Sales Trainer! 
  • Learn Public Speaking from a speaker trainer!  

This is a scale up program for a woman who has an established business and wants to learn additional strategies to grow that business.  

Masterminds and Business Accelerators

What if you could build a stronger business in just a few days?

What if you could get guidance, support, and ACTUAL HELP with the stuff that has you STUCK and kept you from moving forward?

What if you could leave an event with clarity on what's happening in YOUR business, immediate next steps for you, and some things DONE in your business versus a bunch of motivation and a to do list a mile long?  

Our Masterminds and Accelerators are meant for exactly this!  

Business Women Accelerators are three days of strategy, implementation, and accountability - to identify the next steps in your business and get the SUPPORT you need to make it happen!  

Our Accelerators are SMALL groups by application only!  You will become very close to your mastermind group - and we want to ensure that ONLY the right group comes together!

Day 1 - Mastermind Current Challenges and Immediate Next Business Steps To Transform Your Business
Day 2 - Create 90 Day Business Blueprint, Marketing Strategy and Implementation Steps For Next 90 Days.  
Day 3 - Work Implementation of Immediate Next Steps - Allowing You To Leave The Event With a DONE List, Instead of Just a To Do List

If you'd like to apply for a potential spot, apply here - and we'll contact you for a no obligation interview!  

"The Society" by Women Success Society

In a world full of content, we're craving more guidance, more accountability, more community!

Imagine a community that provides you:

  • Connection
  • Support
  • Mastermind

Get the SUPPORT you need - not just a list of courses. Women Success Society is your one stop shop for the resources, accountability, and support you need to build a six figure business from home - for less than you'd typically pay for just one course.

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