8. Summit 404 - Women Success Society

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Here’s What We Covered During Women Who Lead:

Day 1:

  1. Amy Mewborn - Building a Business From Home During Uncertain Times
  2. Janice Chaka - Systems and Mastery To Grow Your Business
  3. Trivinia Barber - Everything You Need To Know To Grow A Virtual Team

Day 2:

  1. Kim Sutton - Save Your Sanity and Your Time With Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Ellen Goodwin - How To Work When No One Is Watching
  3. Amy Mewborn - Tech Tools to Automate and Systematize a Six Figure Business

Day 3:

  1. Mary Brooks - It’s Not Calories, It’s Hormones. Are you living off of stress hormones?
  2. Pamela Carpenter - Successfully Create and Launch Your Online Course This Week… Even If You’ve Never Taught Anything Before.
  3. Nicole Bernard - How To Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business in 2020
  4. Hilary Hendershott - Financial Resilience For The Female Entrepreneur

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